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“In my works, aesthetics and culture always dialogue. What I'm looking for is a relaxed, casual, intellectual luxury”

Eclectic, refined, and intellectual. Colombi’s is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style, whose preciousness lies in the attention to detail and a casual elegance that runs through every project.

Its environments, always created through a skilful dialogue between colours and proportions, are all centred on a lifestyle that favours discreet elegance and beauty, in which every detail is functional as well as aesthetic.

Style & Philosophy
Style & Philosophy

The rigorous and timeless design is sprinkled with ironic and visionary accents, which make elements that are very different from each other in terms of age, taste, and style. Coexisting in a surprising balance, skilfully balancing lightness and solidity, ethereal charm and intensity, finishes and volumes.

The search for details, the collaboration with contemporary artists, the cult for materials and unique pieces, the love for finishes studied in synergy with skilled craftsmen and the continuous intellectual references that run through his work, make Colombi’s environments not only an aesthetic project but also a cultural one, guided by the cardinal points of reason and sentiment.


“The ability to assert ideas, dreams,and fantasies. This, for me, is the essence of architecture”

Emanuele Colombi’s aesthetic and design philosophy is inspired by a new concept of luxury, cultured and sophisticated. Made up of details, tactile sensations, and emotions that involve, stimulate, and satisfy all of the senses.
A natural, conscious, and empathetic luxury, based more on substance than on appearance.

Through the encounter of imagination, material, technique, and taste, each room holds a story, which takes shape from multiple creative stimuli taken from the world of literature, art, nature and blends in union with the personality of those who live this space, and in which they find enjoyment.

Style & Philosophy
Style & Philosophy

“Being a good interior designer means getting into the psychology of the client, understanding what he loves, what he hates, what kind of music he listens to, what he reads, how he organizes his life, and what excites him...To create his ideal place. Whether it's an apartment, a penthouse, or a villa, the home is the refuge where you retreat to after a long day”.

Style & Philosophy

Every detail is sought after, desired, and enhanced, and can remind us of a journey, an instant, or a sensation. Because each project is, first of all, an idea, a thought, and a new and fascinating story to tell.

An enjoyable, subtle design animates every setting, which is sustained in a balance between the continuous tension for beauty and the incessant search for technique, comfort, functionality, and well-being.

The maximum expressive freedom pushes the designer to draw simultaneously from different styles and materials and to abandon them to different suggestions that find their coherence in a common, intellectual and refined aesthetic vision, able to collect and mix infinite sources of inspiration without ever betraying himself or herself.

To give life to unique and personal environments, shaped around the dreams of those who live there.

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