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From a game between father and daughter, which began during the most complex moment of the pandemic, this luxury furniture was born, inspired by the unconventional imagination of a little girl, Anita Rose.

Through a careful study of proportions, the fairytale and narrative aspect with which the furniture elements were initially designed was balanced, then enriched with details, materials, artistic references and luxury finishes.
The goal is to project the game into the world of high design.

Anita Rose Collection
Anita Rose Collection

The unusual combination of a cuckoo and a dresser has thus given birth to “Cucù e Comò”, a classic dresser embellished by the external resin finish of Offina Coppola and renewed by the unexpected and valuable detail of the brass cuckoo.


Anita Rose Collection
Anita Rose Collection
Anita Rose Collection
Anita Rose Collection Anita Rose Collection


An unconventional
bar cabinet in homage to
Surrealism and Dali

Sir Cabinet, arose from the idea of creating an unconventional bar cabinet.

Being a “Sir” he could not help but have a mustache – declared a tribute to surrealism and Dali – while the glasses on two doors are finishes by Officina Coppola.
But it is inside that Sir Cabinet hides its precious secret: in an alternation of empty and full, as in the most classic secretaire, a series of niches in satin brass with a chiseled mirror back and galuchat coverings appear.

The ideal place to host cigars, spirits, and everything you need for excellent cocktails with friends.

Anita Rose Collection
Anita Rose Collection


Sophisticated, ironic, vaguely retro. And with very long legs.

Lady Leggy is a console inspired by persuasive and hyper feminine shapes.
Rigorous in the lines and in the compositional study, she hides in the details a charming and dreamy soul, extremely cultured and with a spontaneously aristocratic mood.

The long pedestals on which she supports her entire wooden body act as a counterpoint to two large eyes framed by lashes. Very long.
A beautiful lady who inside her can show off small works of art, refined pieces of design, travel memories or books to always keep at hand as jewels.
A unique piece with a confident and visionary personality, ideal for those who still love to amaze and be amazed.

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