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"As if I had just arrived in Rome, and found an immense city in the rain,with unknown and unknowable neighborhoods, of which legends are known"
Pier Paolo Pasolini

The idea of the Roma Collection comes during the hardest moment of the pandemic in 2020, when Emanuele, like everyone else, was forced to isolation, and had to somehow push his mind and soul beyond this confinement in order to keep his physical and mental balance.

The Roma Collection is born at that moment. From the deepening of Roman historiography and from the understanding that Rome has become great thanks to the culture, the law and the universality of its people.

Roma Collection

Literally the first of a series. All of the objects are aesthetically inspired by the great ludic and warrior tradition of the Roman Empire. A transformation has been made on them by working on the shapes and finishes, looking for a logical and functional leap: to transform battle objects into elegant and classy objects.

Primus is a candlestick with a strong style while maintaining the balance and the lightness typical of the most precious objects.


Roma Collection
Roma Collection
Roma Collection
Roma Collection
Roma Collection Roma Collection

[B]eatam urbem Romanam et invictamet aeternam illa concordia dicere
Tito Livio

The objects that are part of this first series are proposed both as candlesticks and as decorative objects.
The Sphaera is an apparently simply object that presents a texture designed and sculpted by Emanuele Colombi. This texture allows to play with many finishes, from patinas to gilding, creating unique and unrepeatable objects.

Every object of the collection is made of bronze and part of a limited edition series. Twelve copies of each object will be produced, authenticated and numbered according to the most ancient tradition of the sculptural production.


Roma Collection
Roma Collection
Roma Collection

Alme Sol, curru nitido diem qui promis et celas aliusque et idem nasceris, possis nihil urbe Roma visere maius.
Quinto Orazio Flacco

The Sphaerae is a very elegant and refined object. The finishes proposed allow different combinations depending on the concept in which they will be placed. The set consist of 3 elements with a diameter of 80mm, 90mm and 100mm.

The available finishes in patina are: gold bronze, petite jus de patine, vert de gris and brown bronze. Finishes in gold leaf: light gold 22kt, champagne 22.5kt, moon 22kt, caplain and palladium.

Another two non coated finishes are provided: bronze shiny and bronze mat.


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