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“When I design an interior, it's like I'm telling a story”

Emanuele Colombi, an architect and designer of international standing, has worked on a wide range of projects, from residential to hotels, from retail to product design, creating exclusive objects.

Designer + Studio

Born in 1977 in Livorno, he studied architecture in Florence and followed a master’s degree in Rome where he studied the theme of the city in depth, being attracted by the complexity of this reality, as the result of a multitude of dynamics and relationships.

He then met the world of interior design almost by chance but immediately fell in love with it, because it was able to enhance his aesthetic sensitivity and passion for details.

For a long time he lived and worked abroad, spending several years in Qatar, Bahrain, Israel, and England. He has also visited the United States of America, Russia, and South Africa several times for work.

A twelve-year-long experience that proved to be fundamental in laying the foundations of his design approach. Always poised between global and local, characterized by an innate predisposition for mixing and blending different cultures.

Designer + Studio

Today, from his studio in Tuscany, in the heart of Livorno's historic Venice district, he creates projects for luxury interiors and exteriors that are located in some of the world's most important cultural centres; from Paris to New York, Tel Aviv and Frankfurt...

His environments, marked by a refined eclecticism, are nourished by an evocative use of color, materials and shapes, capable of making cultural references. Ideas and references even very far from each other coexist in a single project, held together in a natural balance through a common thread that is guaranteed by a playful spirit of fusion.

Curiosity, and a passion for collecting, suggest unusual combinations in his works that lead him to range over unusual contexts, beyond architecture, making art, literature, landscape, high craftsmanship and culture dialogue in a single creation.

His creative and rigorous design vocabulary gives life to a visionary and refined style, marked by the highest aesthetic and functional quality.

“Where suggestions become reality”

Immersed in the historic district of Venezia Nuova, Emanuele Colombi’s studio is located in the coastal area of Tuscany, in Livorno.

It develops inside an old warehouse on the street level, connected to the “cellar” below which can be accessed through two stairways by land but also by sea, using small and medium-sized boats.

From the beginning, the basic idea that animated the design was to use the ancient system of canals of the city – created in the 1600s for commercial purposes – for daily transport, thus making these waterways current and contemporary also on a functional level.

Designer + Studio
Designer + Studio

The renovation of the studio was respectful of the spaces, minimally invasive and deliberately light, to preserve the memory and the intrinsic history of the environments.

The floor, made of fir boards, is obtained from the wooden planks used as walking surfaces in the scaffolding of construction companies, while the tops are made of a classic Carrara marble, a material that is a symbol of Tuscany all over the world.

The studio is the creative and operational base for projects that are located

above all in Israel, the United States and France but also for furnishings, accessories and limited editions and offers a design concept full of references and fusions, always tailor-made for the client.

In addition to dealing with interiors, the studio specializes in architecture and can count on a very advanced design team training that allows it to act as the only interlocutor with the customer, without the need for any intermediary, reaching the highest possible compromise between technique and design.

Scali del Monte Pio 21
Livorno 57123 • Italy
Office +39 0586 211620

Galgalei ha-Plada St 13
46100 Herzliya • Israel
Office +972 559412353

125, Rue de l'Université 75007
Paris VII Arrondissement • France
Office +33 749360547

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