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Flowing aesthetics in the home

Throughout history, the vital element of water has always been an integral part of a building's structure.

Just think of the Roman domus, the castle, the abbey, the square… This resource was not only necessary from the point of view of water supply. It was in fact considered an indispensable element also for its symbolic value, for its ability to become a vehicle of sensations of well-being and harmony.

In the gardens, patios, and peristyles the basins, pools, fountains, and ponds were aesthetic and therapeutic elements all at the same time.


On the one hand they reflected trees, rocks, statues and the sky, on the other hand they ensured the purification and ionization of the air during hot summers. In this type of setting the water reaches its maximum positive effect when it is in motion.

In my concept of aesthetics, water plays a major role. In fact, the element of water assumes a fundamental aesthetic value and sensory balance, guaranteed by its ability to reflect as far as the visual aspect is concerned and by the perpetual movement of the fluid as far as the auditory aspect is concerned.

It is no coincidence that I have chosen to create my studio in the suggestive Livorno district of Venice, totally crossed by navigable canals in which

sea water flows, reflecting the image of historical buildings.

The theme of water also recurs in my interior designs, especially when I intervene in places near the sea and the ocean, like the residence I designed on the Livorno waterfront or the two apartments at the Kempisky Hotel, inspired by the view of the Israeli sea and conceived to make the guest feel as if he or she were sailing inside a yacht.

Another example is Herzlya Mouzica House where the aquatic element has been placed in the centre of the main staircase, a structure connecting the horizontal and vertical paths of the space.

To complete the search for well-being, I used a series of scented salts to release a series of aromas into the air that accompany the day and night activities of the residence’s guests. To create a multi-sensory experience.

Flowing aesthetics in the home

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