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Elegant, intellectual, balanced. Luxury in my opinion

What is luxury?
For me, being an interior designer, luxury is above all a lifestyle approach.

Luxury means having the opportunity to devote time to ourselves and to what we love, it means having the freedom and the privilege of being able to take refuge in a tailor-made environment, able to provide us with well-being, make us feel at ease, emphasize our personality, put us in touch with what we like best.

Luxury comes from lùxus, indicating an exuberance of vegetation and, by extension, of goods.

Elegant, intellectual, balanced. Luxury in my opinion

So the term luxury could mean something superfluous or excessive, if we wanted to take the negative meaning of the term. Or – at the opposite – the wonderful, the precious, the amazing, if we take the positive and profound side of the definition.

Luxury, in short, is something that we could do without, but at the same time creates beauty and splendor. Something that frees us from thoughts and creates well-being.

My concept of luxury should be understood in this sense: a high, intellectual, balanced and elegant approach. Luxury means creating environments designed around the dreams of those who inhabit them, it means attention to detail and finishes, it expresses culture and beauty, interest in the know-how of skilled craftsmen and attention to the unique piece, the unexpected object, the material that manages to communicate exactly “that” feeling we desire.

Luxury is living in a home that is not a simple container, but a comfortable projection of our essence.

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