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When design meets enjoyment

I would never want “Emanuele Colombi architecture & design” to turn into a simple design studio.

From the moment I designed it, the thing I was most interested in affirming was a lifestyle, a rigorous but not intransigent existential approach, capable of never losing the playful, ironic, amused dimension.

Fun, after all, is a constant line in my aesthetic vision and in a series of recent works – in which I am dedicating myself to the creation of exclusive furnishing elements – this theme is manifesting itself forcefully, with an increasingly strong expressive freedom.


In a context of strong experimentation and freedom, for example, iconic creations such as Cucù & Comò and Sir Cabinet were born, whose distinctive features are the combination of different materials, the use of geometric shapes and bold lines, the inclusion of ironic elements, the use of quotations that range from present and past, high and low culture, mixing multiple references from art deco to pop art, futurism, surrealism, traveling without a ticket between postmodern and contemporary culture, between dream and reality, fun and reflection.

Because in design, the game is a serious matter.

Scali del Monte Pio 21
Livorno 57123 • Italy
Office +39 0586 211620

Galgalei ha-Plada St 13
46100 Herzliya • Israel
Office +972 559412353

125, Rue de l'Université 75007
Paris VII Arrondissement • France
Office +33 749360547

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