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Chronicle of a Dining Table

Herzliya House

The dining table that I conceived and custom-designed for Herzlya Mouzica House, in Israel, is the result of a search for balance between finish and volume, complexity and simplicity, which is somewhat the distinctive feature of all my design research.

The villa, surrounded by a large garden, views the living and dining area a central point of the house, where guests meet and gather to be together.

The table is a reminder of the outdoors but also a sort of tribute to the owner; a professional dancer. On it, in fact, is represented all the lightness and elegance of the dance of the autumn leaves.

Chronicle of a Dining Table

Moreover , at the level of creation, , the table conceals a performative aspect. To make it, in fact, I recreated its shape in scale 1:1 in the studio. With my collaborators, I cut out some paper confetti the size of which would become the “leaves” applied to the top of the table; we then took a ladder and placed the numerous paper confetti at different heights on it and, after activating a hair dryer, we simulated the autumn wind that makes the leaves fall from the trees.

Everything was reported on an Autocad drawing and sent to production, choosing the various gold leaf finishes that most resemble the colors of autumn.

A custom job, a unique piece, a story.

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